The Blues Jam Session Guide for Beginners


The Blues Jam Session Guide for Beginners

​From buying your harmonica to joining a jam session

Tetsuya Hirose

translated by Gregorio Rabuñal

That harmonica that you’re holding in your hand, it is more than just a musical instrument… It’s your ticket to ride! The key to a whole new world of music and adventure! Having perfected both his playing and teaching through years of experience, veteran harmonica player Tetsuya Hirose invites all harmonica beginners and hopefuls to join him as he goes through the bases and fundamentals of harmonica-playing and jam session-going in this accessible, practical, and authentic textbook.


∙ Beginners are most welcome: simple and easy-to-read scores with recorded tracks will have you playing music in no time, no music theory knowledge required.

∙ Get all the practical tips you need to join your first jam session, and beyond: you will understand how it works, what is expected of you, and what you can look forward to.

∙ Join an authentic jam: videos of a real jam session taken from the point of view of the harmonica player will take you through every step of the process.

This book contains numerous videos and audio clips.

If for whatever reason playback is not working properly, please refer to this website:

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